Technology - this means all sorts of technology not just computers and laptops Time - take your time and think before posting Take Care - many things and people are not what they seem to be on the internet Tricky - you could get a situation you are not happy with Tell - if you are worried tell someone you trust straight away

The 5 'T's of E-Safety

About Us

The East Midlands E-Safety Project is funded by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) Flexibility and Innovation Fund.

The project aims to improve e-Safety for all learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The main purpose of the project is to:-

  • involve learners in the production of support and guidance materials that they feel comfortable using;
  • produce training materials for staff;
  • produce guidance for parents and carers.

The project started in January 2011 and completion date is 7th September 2012.

The site will be maintained and  updated for at least two years, until 31st August 2014.

In the meantime funding is being sought to extend and expand the project.

For further information about the project please contact

The project partners are all Independent Specialist Colleges (ISCs) and members of the East Midlands Peer Review and Development (PRD) Group.

Find out more about the Partner Colleges.