Technology - this means all sorts of technology not just computers and laptops Time - take your time and think before posting Take Care - many things and people are not what they seem to be on the internet Tricky - you could get a situation you are not happy with Tell - if you are worried tell someone you trust straight away

The 5 'T's of E-Safety

Tricky – if you think you’ve got yourself into a tricky situation that you’re not happy with then walk away.

  • If you are not happy with what is happening or being said or what you are doing leave the site and don’t go back;
  • This could be someone saying things you don’t really like, or making comments that make you feel uncomfortable;
  • You may find yourself signing up to something that is perhaps not such a good idea or taking part in a discussion which has taken an ugly turn;
  • Close the site, leave it and don’t worry.  

In this video by students at RNIB College, Loughborough.  They're acting out some tricky Internet situations that might happen to anyone who's not careful!